In January 1865, the “Queensland Pastoral Society” was formed at “Cardbeign Station” Springsure. The objective of the Society was “The Improvement of Livestock and Awarding Prizes for the same.”

The separation of Queensland from New South Wales was only achieved in 1859, and the first sheep arrived in the Springsure District in 1861 on such runs as Cullin La Ringo, Meteor Downs, Wealwandangie, Orion Downs, Rainworth and Cardbeign.

An office was located at Rainworth, and 5 pounds was set as the annual subscription. This gave members the right to vote and exhibit any kind of livestock free of charge.

The first schedule was drawn up and advertised in a Rockhampton newspaper and the “Darling Downs Gazette”. Prizes were the Society’s silver medal for first and a bronze medal for second place, accompanied by a certificate from the judges.

The Society’s first exhibition was held on 21st June 1865 at Springsure.


This was not the first show in Queensland, as the Toowoomba Show Society first met in 1860.

The Royal Agricultural and Industrial Association held its first show in Brisbane in 1897, 12 years after Springsure.

In 1867, it was resolved that the Queensland Pastoral Society extend its operation and shows to Clermont, Banana and other outlying districts, providing there were at least 20 local subscribers. They satisfied the requirements of the Springsure Central Committee of the time.

In 1878, the Queensland Pastoral Society rules were revised to read, “The object of the society shall be for the encouragement of agricultural and horticulture and the development of local industries”, and the name changed to Springsure Pastoral & Agricultural Society.

Although the Springsure Show has not been held continuously since 1865 (because of droughts, depressions and wars), it still proudly holds the title of the oldest show held in Queensland.

The Society continues today with its annual show, 152 years since its inception, going from Strength to Strength.